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The mission of Viva Los Gatos Cat Rescue is to rescue, nurture, and find forever homes for neglected, abandoned, and stray cats and kittens in Northeast Ohio. Our dedicated and experienced volunteers foster our cats in safe and loving environments until they are adopted into homes of their own. We love and care for our foster cats like family. Cats that are not adopted still have a home... with us, for the rest of their lives.


We believe there's nothing more important than opening our homes and caring for needy cats and kittens until they are adopted into homes of their own. Until that happens, their home is with us, no matter how long it takes. Our commitment is deep: to love and care for our kitties for the rest of their lives, so they are never hurt or abandoned again.


We will never offer a cat for adoption before it is emotionally, socially, and medically ready. And we take great care matching you with your ideal cat. Age, personality, and the little quirks that make each cat unique must meet your needs and be compatible with a potential new home. Nothing less is acceptable. 

From bottle feeding newborns to the heartbreak of crossing the rainbow bridge, every cat in our care is guaranteed the love, nurturing, and companionship they deserve from the day we take them in.


Lifesaving Statistics 2017-2019.jpg

The Lifesaving Percentage is calculated by taking the Intake and subtracting those cats that were humanely euthanized or died in our care (age related, medical needs, unable to nurse, etc.). This results in the Live rate, which is what Viva Los Gatos has (1) returned to owner, (2) adopted out, (3) placed in rescue, or (4) is awaiting adoption. This Live rate is then divided by the Intake and multiplied by 100 to get the Lifesaving Percentage.

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