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Our deepest desire is that all kitties, everywhere, find loving, permanent homes. Before you adopt, we think it's important to understand how cats fostered in homes differ from those housed in an animal shelter.

Our foster parents actively engage with each cat to ascertain those special characteristics that make each cat unique. By teaching them how to play and observing their personality traits, we can better match kitties with prospective adopters.


When kitties are old enough, they often engage with other members of their foster household. This gives us the opportunity to see how they get along with children and other animals.

Fostered cats spend little or no time in a cage, and are already familiar with a domestic environment. They have less exposure to contagious diseases, more socialization, and more personalized attention should they become ill. This level of care is especially important for cats with special needs.

Wherever you find your forever friend, we appreciate you opening your heart and home to a kitty in need.

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