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Professional and compassionate, the founders, fosters, and dedicated volunteers of Viva Los Gatos Cat Rescue have over 50 combined years of experience fostering hundreds of cats and kittens of all ages and abilities. We have volunteered and held leadership and board positions with other local rescues, so we know a thing or two about how to run a successful and effective rescue. We also collaborate with a large network of groups and individuals throughout the community to achieve our mission.

It's hard to say how one makes the leap from being an animal lover to a fierce advocate for stray and neglected cats and kittens. But it's safe to say that everyone at Viva Los Gatos Cat Rescue has jumped off that cliff. Our roles and responsibilities are entirely as volunteers. We are not paid or compensated in any way, and use all funds to pay for cat care and operating expenses.

For us, Viva Los Gatos is a labor of love with the goal of rescuing stray, neglected, and abandoned cats and kittens, and finding their forever home. Best of all, we have fun doing what we do, and especially enjoy doing it together. As a team, we have the strength, experience, and determination to make a difference... one cat at a time.


Dan has been around cats forever. He has volunteered for area rescues providing transportation and event staffing, answering hotline calls, and fostering very young kittens. He loves discovering each cat's unique personality and has several who follow him around the house like puppies.

David has been fostering cats and kittens since 2008, moving over 150 animals from his home to forever homes. He has fostered and transported cats, served as a board member, and staffed events for other area rescue groups. With kindness and patience, David enjoys helping feral cats accept human contact and experience love.​

Donna is a late cat bloomer.  She got her first cat when she was 22 years old and has been besotted ever since. She is now held captive by nine indoor cats and cares for a feral family of five. Donna loves bottle feeding neonatal kittens, and delights in them growing stronger and more rambunctious every day.

Joanne’s crib mates were Louie and Clyde, much to the horror of her Italian relatives, and she has not been without cats since. She has been fostering (and foster failing) since 2013, and has a growing herd of eight fluffies. Thanks to her mom, she found her calling as a fierce advocate for the rights of all animals.

Sue's first rescue at age 15 was a mourning dove. Since she couldn't keep it as a pet, she and her sister rescued a stray kitten the following summer. She has had cats in her life ever since. Sue has been rescuing since 2008, and fostering since Kitten Season 2009. She has fostered and cared for over 150 cats and kittens.

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