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The founders, fosters, and volunteers at Viva Los Gatos Cat rescue are a thoughtful bunch whose heart, soul, and spirit are the very essence of our group. As we reflected on our struggles and successes in 2018, we came to understand that:

😽  Our mission is CATS, NOT STATS. We don’t compete for fame, fortune, or followers. And we only ask for what we need, when we need it, to do the most good.

😽  ANY ADOPTION IS A GOOD ADOPTION, whether you adopt from Viva Los Gatos or another area rescue or shelter. What matters most is that another cat has found a loving, forever home.

😽  BALANCE IS GOOD AND NECESSARY. Running a rescue is as complex as the personal and professional lives we lead. We know we’ve achieved balance when our kids, families, friends, and colleagues are out there with us, helping us fight the good fight for cats in need.

😽  IT’S ALL ABOUT HEART. We love what we do, who we do it with, and who we do it for. Living and loving large puts pettiness into perspective, and opens us up to amazing possibilities.

😽  EVERY ADOPTION BRINGS NEW FRIENDS. Our rescue family continues to grow with adopters whose fun pictures and stories show just how much they love their kitties and appreciate our work.

😽  THE CLEVELAND RESCUE COMMUNITY IS AMAZING! Thanks to all the groups and individuals that give their all to help cats. It’s gratifying to know there’s an army of people out there for whom purrs and cuddles are payment enough.

😽  WE APPRECIATE YOU for being part of our amazing and successful year. We worked hard and had great fun, and know Trisha is celebrating right along with us.

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